Your Blueprint to the Firefighter Written Exam

Stacy Bell

This course will provide you with strategies and tactics needed to master the Entry Level Firefighter Written Exam.

Every day firefighters are called upon to perform dangerous and complicated tasks at emergency incidents. The ability to think critically is a very important skill that must be mastered. The Entry Level Firefighter Written Exam measures your ability to perform under pressure.

This course was developed with you in mind. The lessons contained in this program will provide you with a blueprint of the most commonly tested topics found on firefighter written exams.


  • Chapter 1 - Reading Comprehension 16:48
  • Chapter 2 - Writing Ability 28:22
  • Chapter 3 - Observation and memory 10:13
  • Chapter 4 - Mechanical Aptitude 11:36
  • Chapter 5 - Spatial Orientation 14:19
  • Chapter 6 - Human Relation Skills 10:31
  • Chapter 7 - Personality Traits/Skills 12:00
  • Chapter 8 - Job Knowledge 10:58

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SpecificationsFire Alumni, 2014
120 minutes, fully narrated

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