Fire Officer Handbook Of Tactics  Study Helper Version 5.0

Fire Officer Handbook Of Tactics Study Helper Version 5.0


Based on John Norman's Fire Officer Handbook of Tactics 5th Edition.

This application was written from the ground-up using Knightlite's new Code IV user interface. It contains a bunch of new features that will make preparing for your promotional or certification exam a whole-lot easier.


  • 1710 Questions and 186 Definitions
  • Keeps track of your score chapter by chapter.
  • Suggests how much time you should study for each chapter.
  • New Flash Card Mode lets you use the software like flashcards.
  • New Terminology Test lets you use the Definitions section as a flashcard test.
  • Screen Resolution Independent • Adjusts To Full Screen On Any Monitor.
  • Built-in spell checker, with check-as-you-type spell checking.
  • Review Mode - Lets You Review Only The Correct Answers.
  • Page references to the text.
  • Software can read the questions out loud to you.
  • Keeps track of the questions you have already answered.
  • Keeps track of the questions you incorrectly answer in two ways.
  • Allows you to clone sessions, so you can return to where you left off later.
  • Save multiple sessions.
  • Print tests out in a variety of ways, including answer sheets and correction keys.
  • Print flash cards.
  • Print custom terminology tests.
  • Print terminology glossaries.
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SpecificationsKnightlite Software, 2019
Windows and MacOS CD

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