Essentials of Paramedic Care Study Helper 2.0

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Based on Brady's Essentials of Paramedic Care, Updated 2nd edition.


  • 1795 Questions and 760 Root Words, Suffixes, Prefixes, & Definitions.
  • Saves Your High Score
  • Screen Resolution Independent - Adjusts To Full Screen On Any Monitor
  • Built-in spell checker, with check-as-you-type spell checking.
  • Review Mode - Lets You Review Only The Correct Answers
  • Page references to the Brady text.
  • Software can read questions out loud to you.
  • Automatically saves your last session.
  • Keeps track of the questions you incorrectly answer.
  • Allows you to clone sessions, so you can return to where you left off later.
  • Save multiple sessions.
  • Print tests out in a variety of ways, including answer sheets and correction keys.
  • Print flash cards.
  • Print custom terminology tests.
  • Print terminology glossaries.
  • Print National Registry Skill Sheets
  • Create random tests from a single chapter, multiple chapters or all chapters.
  • 18 graphical skins - Change screen and printer fonts.
  • Add your own questions to any chapter. Database is easily edited.

Available for Windows or Mac OS.

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SpecificationsKnightlite Software, 2011
Windows or Mac