Essentials of Firefighting 5/e Study Helper


Essentials Of Fire Fighting Study Helper is based on IFSTA’s Essentials Of Fire Fighting 5th Edition. There are 1760 questions in the program spanning 21 chapters. There is also a Terminology section with 580 pertinent definitions. Features:


  • The Main Test Window: Easy-to-use, intuitive testing interface. Navigation buttons at the bottom of the screen help you move from question to question. An animated agent can read the questions out loud to you if you wish, or can be hidden with just a click of the mouse. The Notes Palette lets you see page references to the IFSTA text as well as any pertinent notes.
  • 32 Bit User-Friendly GUI.
  • Animated Agent who reads the questions out loud to you.
  • Presentation Mode - Allows The Software To Self-Run.
  • 15 New Interface Skins so you can modify your learning enviroment
  • Flashcard Mode - Learn only the correct answers, and ignore the other answers
  • Change Screen Shots, Colors and Canvasas
  • Remembers the questions you answered incorrectly so you can go back and review questions you had difficulty with
  • Improved Multiple Random Chapter Generation. Simply drag the chapters you want in your test from the box on the left and drop them into the box on the right. Enter the number of questions you want, a title if you wish, and then click the Create Test button. Your test is instantly created.
  • Built-In Ahsha Reads Clipboard Reader - Copy any text to Clipboard and Ahsha will read the text out loud to you.
  • Check as you type spell checker.
  • 250,000 word dictionary so you can check the entire database of questions.
  • Built-in Thesaurus. (Not functional in Vista)
  • Quick Report generation - Prints out a quick report of your test score including the starting and stopping times, your score and a list of questions answered incorrectly along with their answers, and page references to the targeted text book, if selected.
  • New 580 Word Terminology Section - For easy lookup of definitions. Instantly search for definitions, or add more. Print terminology glossaries, and jeopardy style tests.
  • Create Custom Vocab Tests - Drag and drop vocab words from the left list box into the right list box, add a test title and click Print. Click the check box to print the answers to you test.
  • Teach Mode - New to this Version of Knightlite Software is our Teach Mode. Some questions require explanations or additional comments so Knightlite has added a Teach Mode. To get additional information about a question, click on the “T” button on the lower right hand side of the window. Ahsha the animated agent will pop up and read the explanation. To view the comments without activating Ahsha, simply click on the Notes button.To add your own comments, unlock the database and click on the Teach button.
  • Automatically return to your previous session. When you exit the program using our exit buttons, the software will automatically bookmark your score and position in the program. To return to you last section, click on the “R” button. Note: You must be in a specific chapter to function.
  • A Variety Of Ways To Take On-Screen Tests.


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SpecificationsKnightlite Software
Windows or Mac CD

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