Residential Fire Rescue Instructor Curriculum


Mark van der Feyst, Eric Wissner, James Peruzzi

This instructor package for Residential Fire Rescue gives the class administrator all the tools necessary to ensure a successful class presentation.

The instructor package includes:

  • Instructor guide lesson plans for each chapter that walk the instructor through effective classroom sessions
  • PowerPoint® presentations that correlate with the Instructor Lesson Plan guides
  • Embedded videos
  • End-of-session quizzes
  • End-of-session answer keys

The authors provide a chapter-by-chapter illustration of the key points important to effectively administer a course in residential fire rescue.

Please note: Only orders placed by qualified instructors will be honored. Orders containing this item will not be processed until instructor status is verified.


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SpecificationsFire Engineering, 2014
Windows CD
ISBN: 978-1-59370-350-9

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