WNYF 1940-2009 Compilation


WNYF, With New York Firefighters, is the official training publication of the New York City Fire Department. Is is written for fire operations and fire safety services professionals and produced four times per year.

WNYF is administered by the FDNY Foundation. Each issue contains:

  • Articles written for firefighters by firefighters
  • Information on technical advances
  • Comprehensive stories about techniques and tools
  • In-depth analysis of major operations

This CD contains the complete contents of every issue - from the first one produced in November, 1940, up through the 4th issue of 2009 - 272 issues in total. Viewing is done with Adobe Acrobat.

You can go to a specific issue and view the contents as if you were reading a book. Additionally, the PDF search engine makes it easy to find articles if you don't know which issue it was in. You can search for the title of an article, the author, or virtually anything else. Complete operational information is provided with the CD.

The CD also contains 5 videos:

  • EMS (Emergency Medical Services)
  • Engine (pumper) Operations
  • Ladder (truck) Operations
  • SOC (Special Operations Command)
  • Fire safety


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