Characters, Tales & Tragedies In the Boston Fire Dept

Richard Connelly

The author of Returning to Quarters is back.

Rick Connelly's first book which was a history of every Boston firehouse and the companies which occupied them now attempts to humor you as well as make you understand what it is like to see death and destruction regularly. This time he hits us with a book which is both captivating and funny.

The characters and tales from the author's 42 years with the Boston Fire Department will be certain to hold your interest and put a smile on your face. At the same time there are some heartbreaking stories from the Boston Fire Department.

From the loss of lives in fires to the line of duty deaths suffered by firefighters protecting the City of Boston and its citizens. There may well be a tear in your eye when you read about the tragedies he has seen over the years.

It is written not only for the lay person, but for firefighter as well. You are sure to be both entertained and shocked as he enlightens us with a look at the arson problems which hit the City of Boston over the years.

This book takes us through life in the firehouse and on the streets as well. The tales of the fire department and the characters which he has worked with are interesting, but the tragedies over the years are captivating and sad.

Rick Connelly has so many stories that this book covers only his first 17 years as a 'back step' firefighter, the years before he became a lieutenant and a captain on one of the busiest fire departments in the world. He is now enjoying his retirement and reminiscing about the past. He is already planning a follow-up work to this book of tales.

Characters, Tales and Tragedies in the Boston Fire Department is a must-read for any firefighter, fire buff, or anyone in the market for a good read consisting of true stories. Nothing made up here! Besides, you can't make this stuff up!

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SpecificationsOutskirts Press, 2014
6" x 9" softcover
294 pages
ISBN: 978-1478739753

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