1818 East Grand - Tales from the Detroit Fire Department


by Frank English

This is the story of one Detroit firefighter.  It chronicles the period of Detroit from 1973 through 2007, which was the start of his career.  Join us during those tremulous days of unbridled chaos and arson throughout the city.  Many journalists and photographers from literally around the world came to witness and photograph this period.

The author writes about a dark side of the city's history - a period of suppressing the truth about the men and women of the DFD who worked with personnel shortages, beat-up equipment, and for a time, inadequate fire protective clothing.

The author recognizes that much in Detroit and the Detroit Fire Department has changed for the better.

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SpecificationsIngram Books, 2021
6" x 9" softcover
87 pages
ISBN: 9781662440052

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