Firefighter Preplan


By David J Soler

Firefighter Preplan is the Ultimate Guidebook for Thriving as a Firefighter. It provides firefighters worldwide tried-and-true success principles for becoming great and respected.
Firefighter Preplan will share:

  • 17 Strategies for being great & respected
  • 10 Tactics used by great and respected firefighters
  • The 4 respect-killers for firefighters
  • How to build a respected reputation in the fire service
  • TOP 3 most-hated firefighter behaviors
  • 3 Destructive C’s in the fire service
  • The Firefighter Motto of successful firefighters
  • How to be like the fire
  • Firefighter Preplan Implementation Steps
  • The Firefighter Training Success Diamond
  • What a great firefighter attitude is
  • Action steps for each strategy and tactic
  • How to deal with career & life storms
  • The 8 phases of a fire service career
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SpecificationsFirefighter Toolbox, 2015
6" x 9" softcover
284 pages
ISBN: 9780990844211

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