Juvenile Law 2024

Juvenile Law 2024, Massachusetts Police Manual


John Sofis Scheft, Esq.

The invaluable reference for Massachusetts juvenile law features CRA, SROs, school searches, AMBER alert, bullying, human trafficking, booking procedures, juvenile Miranda, and child endangerment issues.

Up-to-date information on:
• Mandatory reporting
• Human trafficking
• Child endangerment and enticement
• Sex offenders
• Missing children/AMBER alert
• School attendance and searches
• MOUs and SROs
• Bullying
• Miranda warnings for juveniles
• Secure and non-secure detentions
• Juvenile court jurisdiction and arrest powers
• Diversion and expungement

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SpecificationsLaw Enforcement Dimensions, 2024
7" x 9" spiral bound
358 pages
ISBN: 9781944630881

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