Principles of Fire Prevention, 4/e


David Diamantes, A. Maurice Jones, Jr.

Principles of Fire Prevention, Fourth Edition meets and exceeds the FESHE Associate Core level course called Fire Prevention (C0286). It will provide readers with a thorough understanding of how fire prevention and protection programs can greatly reduce fire loss, deaths, and injuries. The Fourth Edition features current statistics, codes, standards and references from the United States Fire Administration, National Interagency Fire Center, National Fire Protection Association, Underwriters Laboratories, FM Global, Insurance Service Office, and the International Code Council. Additionally, Principles of Fire Prevention, Fourth Edition covers the elements of public education, plan review, inspection, fire investigation, community risk reduction as well as the logistics of staffing and financial management so that readers are fully prepared to lead successful fire prevention programs.


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  • Chapter  1  The Basis for Fire Prevention
  • Chapter  2  Public Fire Prevention Organizations and Functions
  • Chapter  3  Private Fire Protection and Prevention Organizations
  • Chapter  4  Fire Prevention Through the Codes Process
  • Chapter  5  Plan Review
  • Chapter  6  Inspection
  • Chapter  7  Fire Protection Systems Testing
  • Chapter  8  Other Fire Prevention Functions
  • Chapter  9  Fire Prevention Through Investigation
  • Chapter  10  Fire Prevention Through Public Education, Awareness, and the Public Forum
  • Chapter  11  Fire Prevention Records and Record Keeping
  • Chapter  12  Personnel
  • Chapter  13  Financial Management
  • Chapter  14  Community Risk Reduction
  • Appendix  A  Public Law 90-259
  • Appendix  B  Recommendations of the National Commission on Fire Prevention and Control
  • Appendix  C  Status Report on the 90 Recommendations from America Burning
  • Appendix  D  FESHE Fire Prevention (C0286) Correlation Guide
SpecificationsJones & Bartlett, 2022
8.5" x 11" softcover
268 pages
ISBN: 9781284180237

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