Sprinkles 2

Sprinkles the Fire Dog 2: Making a Difference


Written by Frank Viscuso and Illustrated by Paul Combs

Best-selling author Frank Viscuso (Step Up and Lead) and renowned artist and author Paul Combs (Drawn by Fire) have teamed up again to bring you Sprinkles the Fire Dog 2: Making a Difference, the second book of the popular series about the little puppy from a big city who achieved his dream of becoming a fire dog.

Ever since becoming a fire dog, Sprinkles has enjoyed helping others. In part 2 of his journey, Sprinkles heads back into the dark, lonely city to find and help another dog in need. This entertaining story will inspire children to pursue their dreams, overcome adversity, fight for what they believe in, be kind, and help others along the way.

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Specifications Fire Engineering, 2023
9" x 9" hardcover
56 pages
ISBN: 9781593705916

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