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Once you are promoted to the position of company officer, the knowledge and skills required are not automatically granted to you. This Company Officer’s Handbook (Electronic Edition) is based on the author’s own experiences as a new company officer as well as his extensive experience supervising new company officers. The knowledge he has assembled in this book is what he and others needed to transition into being an effective company officer. This book expands the knowledge base for entry level officers beyond emergency response. Find leadership, decision making, communications, conflict resolution, personal accountability, critical incident stress debriefing, time management, the responsibility for firefighter safety, as well as incident command, NIMS, fire protection systems, building construction, terrorism, and wildland urban interface fire fighting.

The thirteen chapters are accompanied by a glossary, a list of training references and an index to make finding individual topics quick and easy. The author has prepared this handbook to assist company officers who are beginning their careers with need to know information in one book. He also prepared this book for all company officers who strive every day to be a better officer.

Robert Mugallis dedicates this handbook to the Company Officer who is the first level of supervision in a fire and emergency response organization. “You hold the key to shape the American fire service of the future. Best wishes as you learn and as you work to live into the core values of emergency responders: to provide the highest level of public safety services for your community and its people. May you never stop learning!” Robert

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SpecificationsIFSTA, 2018
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ISBN: 9780879396749

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