FDNY Hose Wagons

John A. Calderone

From Fire Apparatus Journal Publications comes the definitive work on FDNY hose wagons.

In the days of steamers, all FDNY engine companies operated with two pieces of apparatus - the steamer, plus the hose wagon, which carried the hose, fittings, some small ladders and most of the firefighters assigned to the unit.

When gasoline pumpers came into service during the 1910's, many of the engine companies still were kept as two piece companies.

FDNY was still regularly ordering hose wagons, the later ones of a size similar to the big pumpers of the day, up until 1941.

The last regular wagon was actually built by the FDNY Shops in 1952. Since then, several specialized hose wagons have entered service, including the Satellites and others meant for service at beach areas or airports.

Thisbook gives a complete look hose wagons from all time periods.

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SpecificationsFire Apparatus Journal, 2004
11" x 8 1/2" softcover
56 pages, 59 photos

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