IFSTA Chief Officer, 4th edition eBook

Chief Officer, 4th edition eBook


This product is the eBook version of the print textbook: Chief Officer, 4th Edition.

The fourth edition of Chief Officer aims to provide the knowledge and skills base for Fire Officer III and IV candidates that is required by the NFPA 1021 job performance requirements. The text provides students with information about a chief officer's responsibility to supervise, manage, and administer fire and emergency services organizations.

Chief Officer includes ten chapters that cover material ranging from human resources management to emergency management. Each chapter has been strategically written to provide information that is up-to-date and reflects industry best practices. The layout of the book has been simplified and the information has been organized in a way that makes it as accessible as possible for all students.

Review and discussion questions are provided at the end of each chapter. These questions are designed to help reinforce student understanding and challenge students to think about the information presented in the context of their own organizations. This is the first edition of the IFSTA Chief Officer manual to include skill sheets. These skill sheets are intended to prepare the student for the real-world tasks required by chief officers, such as creating an organizational budget and planning for multiagency incident response.

IFSTA eBooks include features to enhance learning:

  • Downloadable for use while offline.
  • Fully searchable text.
  • Accessible from up to 2 computers and 2 mobile devices.
  • Bookmarked Table of Contents allows quick access to the content.
  • Print-fidelity ensures compatibility with the print version, and student support products.
  • Notes, highlights, and bookmarks are stored in the cloud for access on multiple devices.
  • Copy and print up to 20% of an IFSTA eBook.
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SpecificationsIFSTA, 2019
ISBN: 9780879396497
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