Companies in Quarters: LAFD Firehouses

Los Angeles Fire Department Historical Society MT Publishing, 2010

Companies in Quarters is a pictorial album showing the history of the LAFD stations.

It is the second publication by the authors of Land, Sea and Air, A Pictorial History of the Los Angeles Fire Department, and focuses on the past and present fire stations of the City of Los Angeles from the first, small volunteer stations occupied by the firefighters who protected the small but growing town with their horse drawn apparatus, to the new, large fire stations of today which house the nearly 3,600 firefighters and their modem state-of-the-art apparatus.

As the City of Los Angeles grew from a small horse and buggy community of wood and adobe homes and businesses, the threat of fire grew and the need for more and larger fire stations.

When the LAFD celebrated itís 50th birthday, it had become one of the largest fire departments in the country with 75 fire stations in the heart of the city and about two dozen volunteer fire companies in the outlying areas.

The first fire stations of the 1880ís to the newest stations of today, along with much of the apparatus that occupied them, are featured in this new book which will be a must-have for historians of the fire service, fire buffs, and students of California architecture. It is packed with photos of all of the 106 current and over 120 former fire stations and their Companies in Quarters.

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SpecificationsMT Publishing, 2010
9" x 12" hardcover
208 pages, 500 color and B&W photos
ISBN: 978-1-9347-2948-9

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