Firefighting Principles & Practices, 2/e

William E. Clark

This classic look at the basics of firefighting provides up-to-date information on firefighting operations beginning with fire behavior and on through to fundamental approaches, strategy, coordination, and tactics of safe fireground activities.

The book also discusses operational procedures of ladder and engine companies, along with pre-planning routines that departments should follow, and finishes with a look at common fires, along with fires that could require special attention, including the “Big One.”


  • Fire behavior
  • The mechanisms of fire extinguishment
  • The development of firefighting
  • Firefighting strategy
  • Firefighting tactics
  • The action plan—working at a fire
  • Fireground control and coordination
  • Safety on the fireground
  • The fire building—hindrance and help
  • Sprinkler operations
  • Ladder company operations
  • Engine company operations
  • Pre-fire planning
  • Major fires
  • The everyday fire
  • Special-problem fires
  • Appendices (exercises)
, 473 pages, softbound, ISBN: 0-87814-920-1, BF5860 / $49.00
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SpecificationsFire Engineering, 1991
8 1/2" x 11" softcover
473 pages
ISBN: 9780878149209

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