Fire Service Rapid Intervention Crews: Principles & Practice


Joe Nedder

Be prepared for any mayday situation with Fire Service Rapid Intervention Crews: Principles and Practice. The textbook completely addresses both knowledge and skills requirements found in the 2015 Edition of NFPA 1407, Standard for Training Fire Service Rapid Intervention Crews, and informs training personnel on how to conduct safe, effective rapid intervention training.

Fire Service Rapid Intervention Crews: Principles and Practice provides a road map for small, medium, or large departments to safely train members on the skills of self-survival and rapid intervention prepare for incidents where fire fighters become lost, trapped, or disoriented.

Table of Contents:

  •  Chapter 1 Basics of a Rapid Intervention Crew
  •  Chapter 2 Planning for a Prepared Rapid Intervention Crew
  •  Chapter 3 RIC On Scene: Preactivation Considerations and Actions While Staged
  •  Chapter 4 Activation of the RIC and Organizational Considerations
  •  Chapter 5 Rapid Intervention and Self-Rescue
  •  Chapter 6 Skills and Techniques of the Rapid Intervention Search
  •  Chapter 7 RIC Team Actions Once the Downed Fire Fighter Is Found
  •  Chapter 8 RIC Skills: Rapidly Moving a Downed Fire Fighter
  •  Chapter 9 RIC Stair Rescue Techniques: Variables, Challenges, and Skills
  •  Chapter 10 Rescuing Fire Fighters Through Windows, Over Ladders, and From Restrictive, Limited Space
  •  Chapter 11 Rescuing a Fire Fighter From Below Grade and Through a Hole in the Floor
  •  Chapter 12 Fire Fighters Trapped in Attics
  •  Appendix A Correlation Guide to NFPA 1407: Standard for Training Fire Service Rapid Intervention Crews, 2015 Edition
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About the Author: Joe Nedder joined the fire service as a volunteer in 1977. He was an active member as both a volunteer and later as an on-call fire fighter with different fire departments for over 36 years, retiring from the Uxbridge Massachusetts Fire Department in October of 2013. During his career, he held different positions including Lieutenant, Captain, and Training Officer.

Joe started assisting with training in the mid-1980s and, in 1991 became a Certified Fire Service Instructor. He worked as an Instructor for the Massachusetts Firefighting Academy for over 16 years, where he was an active member of the Rapid Intervention and Fire Fighter Survival training team.

In 2003, he founded his own fire service training company, Cross St. Associates, in answer to the frequent calls he was receiving to help train local fire departments. Since then, his company has grown, and he has conducted training throughout the Northeast.

Joe has contributed articles to Fire Engineering Magazine and has taught several classes at the Fire Department Instructor Conference (FDIC) since 2010.

Although retired from active fire fighter duty, he continues to be active in training. He is known for his passion when training and for his commitment to all fire fighters, regardless of the size of their departments, to share, teach, and do all he can to provide them with knowledge and skills.

SpecificationsJones & Bartlett, 2015
8 1/2" x 11" softcover
255 pages
ISBN: 978-1-4496-0976-4

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