Incident Management For The Street Smart Officer, 2nd ed.

Incident Management For The Street Smart Officer, 2nd ed.

John (Skip) Coleman

In the second edition of Incident Management for the Street-Smart Fire Officer, author Skip Coleman expands on the mindset and tactics necessary to manage the fireground with more control and less chaos.

Incident management system (IMS) is a tool that defines the role and responsibilities of each fire department member, allowing crew members to function quickly and efficiently upon arrival at the fireground—all the while meeting the commander’s expectations.

Regardless of the size or geographic location of fire department, an IMS is one of the most practical innovations available that yields measurable results.

The days of chief officers pulling up to a fire and allowing the fire to run them are over. Incident management makes thinkers out of commanders.

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  • Gain a better understanding of real-world structural IMS and how it should flow at routine fires
  • Receive insight into the mission of attacks as well as search, ventilation, back-up, and other groups used at fires
  • Find new perspective based on lessons learned through real-life scenarios
SpecificationsFire Engineering, 2008
8 1/2" x 11" softcover
236 pages
ISBN: 978-1-593-7015-05

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