The Life of a US Air Force Firefighter 19601980

The Life of a US Air Force Firefighter 19601980

Ron Fink

When the author entered the air force so many years ago he would never have guessed that life would take so many twists and turns. He would meet colorful people, have ten different duty assignments in three countries and four states, see many nice places, and have some rewarding experiences. With so many different jobs, he would learn that leadership is a combination of being able to follow orders and lead the team with the same enthusiasm.

The US Air Force firefighting force is much different today than when he was in uniform. Gone are the converted military trucks that passed a fire trucks; now the equipment is state-of-the-art and the best that the fire equipment industry can provide. Firefighters at all levels are trained to meet standards established by the National Fire Protection Association, a consensus organizations of fire department leaders from small communities, large metropolitan areas, and the Department of Defense.

The author was proud to have been associated with the firefighters he worked with in those twenty years but wishes that he had been able to participate in the organization that exists today. This book is about that adventure and those experiences.

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SpecificationsAuthorhouse, 2018
6" x 9" softcover
566 pages
ISBN: 9781546248095

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