Sourcebook For Fire Company Training Evolutions 3rd

Have you ever wished that someone would hand you the training program you are supposed to deliver at the next company training session on a silver platter? Well, that is what The Sourcebook for Fire Company Training Evolutions does for you.

Thousands of fire instructors and officers have used the first two editions of this reference to deliver easy, meaningful two- to three-hour training programs within their fire departments. Busy fire instructors and training officers who struggle to arrange and prepare weekly or monthly training drills will appreciate this text as it has 75 training sessions completely prepared and ready for implementation.

Training sessions include basic firefighter skills, driver/operator skills, activities for inclement weather, company evolutions, and competitive, yet useful, exercises.

The training sessions in this edition cover most of the major job performance requirements in the 2008 version of NFPA® 1001 and the 2009 version of NFPA 1002®.

This edition is spiral bound which allows it to lay flat when being used. Each session contains information on the standards being covered, the equipment that is needed, outlines for presentations and practical exercises, discussion questions, and recommended references.

New to the 3rd edition is a CD-ROM contained in every manual that includes short PowerPoint® presentations for most sessions and Word® versions of every session to allow the instructor to customize the files for local use, if desired.

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SpecificationsFire Protection Publications, 2009
8 1/2" x 11" spiral bound
400 pages, color illustrations
ISBN: 978-0-8793-9329-8

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