Collapse, Search & Rescue

Vincent Dunn

This video is Part 3 of the "Strategy of Firefighting" series. It is presented by Vincent Dunn, former division commander of FDNY's Midtown Command (3rd Division).

The series is based on Chief Dunn's books Strategy of Firefighting and Command and Control of Fires and Emergencies.


  • a collapse search and rescue plan to rescue victims at a building collapse
  • collapse causes: fire, tornados ,earthquakes,hurricanes, are discused
  • how to conduct a saftey survey at a building collapse
  • utilities to shut off
  • rescue of surface victims
  • searching voids and spaces
  • how to tunnel and trench to buried victims
  • how to set up an incident command system
  • sector command needs
  • safety and survival at a collapse rescue
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SpecificationsVincent Dunn, Deputy Chief FDNY (retired), 2001
24 minutes, fully narrated

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