FDNY: The Battle Continues, vol. 7

Volume 7 continues with 9 more incidents from 2002.

Heavy fire in the rear of 3 frame private dwellings at a Bronx 4th starts this edition. A fire fighter gets turned around in a private dwelling.

Explosion & fire in the Bronx requires a quick 2nd alarm to extinguish. On the same night a 2nd alarm in a commercial keeps Brooklyn units busy.

A customer smelling smoke alerts the owner of a grocery to call 911. 3 alarms were used to quench that blaze. A working fire in a house boat in College Point has fire fighters operating on a floating dock.

A 3rd alarm in a row of taxpayers in the Bronx, to a commercial building in Queens. Volume 7 ends with heavy fire in a 200 x 100 7 story occupied multi dwelling. Heavy fire rages from the building.

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SpecificationsFire Line Video Productions, 2004
72 minutes, narrated

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