FDNY: The Battle Continues, vol. 16

Volume 16 continues with 9 additional incidents in 2005.

Starts with an SUV that drove up the steps and into a house, followed by heavy fire throughout a 2 story 200 x 200 warehouse.

Next, a Brooklyn 4th alarm in an attached 2 story brick private dwelling with people trapped. Also in Brooklyn a 4th alarm fire in a row of 3 story wood frame attached multi dwellings with heavy fire conditions upon arrival.

Then a Bronx 3rd alarm in a row of taxpayers. 2 alarms in Brooklyn, where 3 tower ladders, 3 multi versals, 5 handlines and 2 fire boats operated.

Queens was the scene of an 4th alarm in a row of taxpayers, mayday transmitted for shelving collapse. Again, in the Bronx a 3rd alarm in a row of taxpayers.

Hear all fire ground radio transmissions.

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SpecificationsFire Line Video Productions, 2007
60 minutes, narration

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