FDNY: The Battle Continues, vol. 20

Volume 20 continues with 10 exciting incidents from 2006.

Beginning with with a 3rd alarm brush fire in Spring Creek. Next is a 5th alarm that took the top floor & cockloft of an occupied multi dwelling in Brooklyn.

The next fire occurs in a large commercial building in Harlem. During operations an emotionally disturbed person climbed the aerial to the roof and had to be removed from the roof after refusing to climb down. Police assisted in removal.

An All Hands in Morris Heights section of the Bronx with fire on the top floor of a 2 story brick private dwelling. Stay in The Bronx for a vacant 3 story wood frame 20x40 private dwelling in the Mount Hope section. Then, very heavy fire venting out a 3 story wood frame private dwelling in the Crotona Park East Section.

Heavy smoke conditions occur throughout a 2 story commercial property. Units were originally dispatched to a car fire in the rear of the store. In the Bayside Section of Queens, fire started in an antiques store with dwellings above and quickly spread throughout a 3 story frame attached.

The Jackson Heights Section of Queens sees a 3rd alarm in a row of taxpayers. Finally, fire in the basement of a store with dwellings above in Queens' East Elmhurst Section. Extremely heavy smoke vents out the sidewalk cellar entrance.

Hear all fire ground radio transmissions.

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SpecificationsFire Line Video Productions, 2008
60 minutes, narration

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