FDNY: The Battle Continues, vol. 30

Volume 30 contains 8 incidents from March 2010 to June 2010.

Starting with a 2nd alarm in a 2 story 20 x 40 99 Cents Store within triangular shaped building in Queens. Next, a Queens all hands with heavy fire in a 1 story corrugated tin auto repair shop.

A 2nd alarm in 2 stores in the Wakefield section of the Bronx has heavy smoke conditions, followed by a 3rd alarm in a 3 story wood frame church in Queens.

Then, a wind driven 2nd alarm fire fire in 3 story brick attached brownstone buildings in the Bronx. Back to Queens with a fire under a 150 x 750 2 story brick & concrete building that was built on pilings. Fire started in a van & extended to years of trash under the building. The space under the building ranged from a few inches to several feet.

A tractor trailer coming off the Bronx Whitestone Bridge struck the guard rail & jersey barriers spilling the contents of the saddle tank onto the highway and closing this major artery for hours. Finally, an explosion in a 1 story detached garage resulting in total collapse of the garage and serious injury for the one occupant.

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SpecificationsFire Line Video Productions, 2012
60 minutes, narration

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