Fire Department Demonstration Films

The Historic Stillman Fires Collection is a rare and unique look at firemen training and public education films from over 50 years ago.

A majority of the footage is silent and in black and white, but a few of the films have sound and color. For your viewing pleasure the collection has been re-mastered.

The Stillman collection is the largest collection of fires and fire management in the world. The entire Stillman collection is a must have for any true fire lover.


  • Company Response - Basic training film for fireman from the 1930's
  • Artificial Respiration - what we call CPR today. It was done very differently back then!!
  • Industrial Fires One - Demonstrations of how fires are caused. Great footage here of electrical fires
  • Industrial Fires Two - Demonstrations of how fires are caused. Chemical fires and the likes
  • Fire Dept Demonstrations - Firefighting techniques. Cellar pipes and straight pipes are covered
  • Typical Fire - Demonstration of the Conran Monorail Nozzle
  • FDNY High Nozzle Spray
  • Flexible Cellar Pipe
  • Parade - Parade of Spanish Fire Dept. then a short firefighting demo
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SpecificationsQuality Information Publishers, 2007
90 minutes, narration

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