Retaining/Recruiting Volunteers DVD

Retaining/Recruiting Volunteers

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Chief John Buckman III

In many parts of the country, the volunteer fire service struggles to retain and recruit candidates to fill their ranks. In this two-part live presentation, Chief John Buckman takes a look at the issue and gives solutions that he has seen work across the country.

In section one, Chief Buckman looks at the issues and potential solutions to retain volunteers. He looks at the expectations of the volunteers, the public, and the leadership. He delves into motivational techniques to keep the volunteers and asks the question, “Why do volunteers stay?”

In section two, Chief Buckman looks at the challenges of recruiting volunteers. He discusses hiring for attitude and then looks at recruiting plans and diversity in the service.

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SpecificationsFire Engineering, 2019
3 hours, 9 minutes
ISBN: 9781593704650

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