Command & Control: ICS 2/e Software Study Guide

Robert Murgallis, Burton Phelps

The text covers incident scene decision-making in depth; provides techniques to enhance a firefighter's ability to make rapid, correct decisions based on knowledge of various types of occupancies; and addresses the development of strategy and tactics and the size-up process.

This electronic self-study guide allows students to proceed through the questions in random order, find out immediately whether his or her answer is correct or wrong, and be referred to the source for the correct answer if necessary.

All questions are in the multiple-choice format, which provides good practice for civil service and certification examinations.

At the end of each session, the program provides a review sheet and allows students to retake any missed questions.

Each time the student goes through the program, the questions are rearranged randomly so that no two sessions are identical.

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Windows only
SpecificationsFPP, 2012
Windows CD
ISBN: 978-0-87939-463-9

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