WNYF Magazine 2013 2nd Issue



  • View From 9 MetroTech Center: Hurricane Sandy: Braving the Storm
  • An Extraordinary FDNY Response
  • Hurricane Sandy: An Operational Overview
  • Overview of Borough Activity During Hurricane Sandy
  • Preparation for Hurricane Sandy
  • Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale Review
  • New York City Evacuation Zones
  • Queens Fires and Floods
  • A Command-Level Critique of the West 57th Street Crane Collapse
  • Facade Collapse in Chelsea
  • Hurricane Sandy Sparks Conflagration in Breezy Point
  • Conflagration History of New York City
  • Bureau of Communications Timeline During Hurricane Sandy
  • Photo Reporter
  • Special Operations Command Response to Hurricane Sandy
  • FDNY Assists with Odd Job in the PATH Tubes
  • Company Officers Commanding Multiple-Alarm Fires
  • Thank You, FDNY Foundation!
  • 2013 FDNY Medal Day Recipients
  • Operational Safety During Hurricane Sandy
  • How the Bureau of Fire Prevention Facilitated Re-Occupancy
  • Taking Up (1/1/2013 - 3/31/2013)
  • FDNY All-Hazard IMT: Missions, Opportunities and Lessons Learned
  • Operation Gut and Pump Meets the ICS in Breezy Point, Queens
  • A personal View of Operation Gut and Pump
  • In Memoriam
  • Back Step


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SpecificationsFDNY, 2013
8 1/2" x 11"
62 pages

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