FDNY Tales

FDNY Tales is short stories, non-fiction, interesting, funny, human-interest, motivational, maybe even inspirational, and 100% FDNY.

Everything in it will be supportive of FDNY. The potential book will be aimed at FDNY firefighters (active and retired), and all FDNY fans.

Based on the stories coming in so far, some of the categories of stories will include:

  • Firehouse Pets
  • Military Heroes
  • Dealing With the Public
  • Firefighter Inventors
  • All in the Family (fathers, sons, etc. in same house)

We are actively looking for stories. Some of the stories that will be in FDNY Tales:


A Celtic Lament (Liam O'Neill)

The Typewriter (Lou Augier)

Nostalgia (Phil Burns)

The Banner (Ira Hoffman)

FDNY Ceremonial Unit (Jim Griffiths)

Like Father, Like Son

Bruce the Gorilla ECC (Kenny Erb)

Rat Story, part 2 (Nick Santimauro)

Sweet Jesus, Save My Arm (Seymour Schenker)

A Sad Toy Story

Ghost Story (Warren Fuchs)

Burn Center (Nancy Dyer)

Lesson Learned (Vic Vitale)

Only the Good Die Young (Phil Burns)

Size Matters (Vic Vitale)

The Prankster (Phil Burns)

Fish Story (Ira Hoffman)

Me Fireman, Me Tarzan (Frank Cull)

The Tee Shirt (Seymour Schenker)

Rat Story, part 1 (Phil Burns)

Just a Nickel (Ira Hoffman)

My First Fire (Vincent Dunn)

Disney World, it's Not (Frank Cull)

Books about Specific Units or Fire Houses (Ira Hoffman)

The FDNY Assignment Card (Ira Hofman)

John Calderone

Fireman Ingenuity

Dennis Smith

Just a Ride on the Ferry (William Hanahan)

The Stamp Machine (George Kreuscher)

Numbers Game (Stan Ferber)

Lessons Learned During 42 Years with FDNY (Vincent Dunn)

First Day on the Job (Stan Ferber)

A Tale of Two Columns (Jim Boyle)

Vic Hershkowitz (Ira Hoffman)

The Toilet Seat (Seymour Schenker)

Runs & Workers (Ira Hoffman)

Ready to Serve (Bob Mahoney)

FDNY Inventions (Ira Hoffman)

The Bus (John Delmhorst)

What is Your Location? (John Delmhorst)

None (Ira Hoffman)

The Bic Lighter Conflagration (Ray Leibowitz)

Rudy Greco (Ira Hoffman)

A Whale of a Tale (Ray Leibowitz)

Man in the Tree (Jack Duggan)

What's in a name? (Jim Murray)

Fireman Thomas J. Dougherty Ladder 1 (Paul Hashagen)

It sure don't taste like chicken (Newt Tanner)

Not Your Standard Phonetic Alphabet (Jim Murray)

Don't Ask Lt. Andrade (Dennis Smith)

The Bronze Bennett Medal (Paul Hashagen)

Oh Say Can You See?

The Genie (Dennis Smith)

Be careful who you send to the store (Jim Murray)

The Youngest Chief

Now it's your turn. If you have a story that you'd like to submit, or have an idea for a story please let me know. Send it to: fdnytales@Fire-Police-EMS.com

Thanks, Ira Hoffman