The Fire Within - A History of Women wildland Firefighters

The Fire Within - A History of Women Wildland Firefighters in the United States


by Carol J. Henson

It's been said that America's wildland firefighters have earned a reputation for being among the best wildland firefighters in the world. Historically considered a male-only occupation, women have a long and varied history in wildland firefighting documented back at least to the 1600s. They've served in various capacities throughout the United States on the fireline on hotshot crews, engine crews, smokejumpers, helicopter crews, pilots (both fixed and rotor wing), prevention, patrol, and on incident management teams. Although the story of women in wildland fire is not a new story, it is a story not yet well documented - until now.

The Fire Within is an unforgettable journey into the lives of the women who battled wildfires in our nation's forests and wildlands. It will tell the story of women who stepped into non-traditional roles to pursue their dreams of fighting wildfire, working outdoors, seeking adventure and a challenging profession, or fulfilling a sense of duty. Through their eyes and in their own voices, you will hear stories from these remarkable women. They will share who they are, why they fought fire, how they got started, how they dealt with nature's extreme elements, and how they persevered. These dedicated women, like their male counterparts, have endured 16+ hour shifts of exhausting work in extreme environments, lived under harsh conditions with long separations from home and family to protect our nation's communities and natural resources from devastating wildfires. These are their stories.

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SpecificationsIngram, 2023
6" x 9" softcover
313 pages
ISBN: 9798350916713

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