Firefighter Exams 3rd edition

Firefighter Exams, 3/e

Ronald R. Spadafora

With more than 125 years of experience in education, McGraw-Hill Education is the name you trust to deliver results. This MHE guide is the most comprehensive and relevant prep tool on the market.

This book will help you excel on the Firefighter Exam with:

  • 6 full-length practice tests based on Firefighter Exams given throughout the United States
  • 4 mini-courses in Mathematics, Fire Science, Principles of Mechanics, and Emergency Medical Care
  • A thorough review of Reading Comprehension, Tool Usage, Memorization and Visualization, Hydraulics, and Problem Sensitivity
  • Expert advice for the Psychological Tests and Oral Interviews
  • Training tips for the Candidate Physical Ability Test
  • Insider information on fire department careers nationwide
  • Unique test-taking strategies to help you avoid the test makerís traps
  • Invaluable shortcuts to help you save time and minimize mistakes

FDNY Chief Ronald R. Spadafora is uniquely qualified to lead you through every step of the recruiting process. He has written this all-in-one resource to give you the most essential information on firefighting testing and employment.

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SpecificationsMcGraw-Hill Education, 2018
8 1/2" x 11" softcover
640 pages
ISBN: 9781260121735

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