Leadership Values: An Introspection

Leadership Values: An Introspection

Gary F. Appleby

A Philadelphia Fire Chief’s Forty-Year Journey to Understanding and Practicing Authentic Leadership!

Several things set this book apart from other treatments of today’s leadership challenge. Chief Appleby’s concentration on the singular importance of personal leadership values is presented in fourteen easy-to-read, stand-alone chapters based on his diversified forty-year career in the Philadelphia Fire Department.

The Chief’s soul-bearing willingness to share his leadership shortcomings—and their specific causes—makes for a fascinating study of human failure and eventual triumph. The probing introspection questions for each of the values offers the reader a rare opportunity for honest self-reflection. The personal stories provided to reinforce understanding of each value, which are often heart-pounding tales from the fireground, lead the reader to a deeper understanding of the essential connection between personal values and true leadership.

Most importantly, although offered through the perspective of life lessons acquired by crawling down burning hallways, the Chief’s leadership lessons have an across-the-board relevance for all of today’s leaders—regardless of position, occupation, or endeavor.

These timeless leadership lessons offered for the reader are simultaneously educational, entertaining, and enlightening. This is not a book to be read once and then placed on a distant shelf—it provides a continuous road-map for your leadership success.

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SpecificationsGary F. Appleby, 2019
6" x 9" softcover
227 pages
ISBN: 9781732997202

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