Public Safety Diving

Walt "Butch" Hendrick, Andrea Zaferes

Written for instructors, dive team captains, surface teams, and underwater personnel alike, Public Safety Diving offers definitive information on procedures for safe operations, proper methods of training, and how to make appropriate purchasing decisions.

Various techniques and types of equipment are discussed and assessed.

Safety is the constant theme throughout, with an emphasis on surface support, accident prevention, contingency procedures, risk/benefit analysis, and standard operating guidelines. included also are chapters on methods of search in black water, swift water, and contaminated water, as well as techniques for evidence recovery.

This book is a must-have for any department seeking routine outcomes to underwater operations: that victims are saved, that evidence is recovered intact, and that personnel return from the bottom safe and sound.

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Features and Benefits: Step-by-step safety procedures and techniques for dive teams at all levels of expertise; Learn to conduct safe, effective training drills.

Contents: The Foundations of a Public Safety Dive Team; Dive Team Command; Dive Team Personnel; Diver Training; Equipment for Shore Personnel; Diving Equipment; Cylinder Safety; The Initial Response; Deploying the Team; The search; Search Patterns; Communications and Line Signals; Contingency Procedures and Scene Safety; Physiological Components of Diving; Diving Maladies; Contaminated Water; Handling the Drowning Victim; Submerged Vehicles; Boat Operations; Law Enforcement Operations; Special Considerations and technology; Appendix; Answers to Study Questions; Index.

SpecificationsFire Engineering, 2000
7" x 10" softcover
240 pages, photos & illustrations
ISBN: 978-0-912212-94-4