Rescue and Firehouse Memories

Rescue and Firehouse Memories

Captain Lee Curry

Captain Lee Curry had more than thirty-five years in the fire service. He has made numerous rescues and saved a lot of lives. He served on one of the busiest rescues and was on the bomb squad for twenty-five years. He has done about every job in the fire department.

Captain Curry started as crash rescue crew member in the USAF. After discharge, he was a firefighter on the Newark and Columbus (Ohio) Fire Departments. When he started in the old fire department, the equipment was a lot different than it is today and has now moved on to a more modern department.

This book talks about how the fire department was run, different fires and rescues, training, history of fires (past and present), and the danger of the job, along with a lot of funny stories in and around the fire department.

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SpecificationsAuthorhouse, 2019
6" x 9" softcover
146 pages
ISBN: 9781728307299

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