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July 11th - Two Months Before September 11th Remembrance Ceremony

At this meeting the co-ordinator / facilitator provides a progress report. Adjustments are made, as necessary.

Detail planning takes place. For example, if taps will be played by a local high school student (which is what we did), do we have make a formal request to the school administration? Do we have to provide transportation, to and from the event for the student(s)?

Have we received permission, wherever necessary - parking, collation area, raising / lowering flag?

Each step of the ceremony must be scrutinized so that there are no surprises!

This is also a good time to discuss contingencies. The fire service is very resourceful at emergencies. We can try to anticipate possible problems, and plan alternatives.

For example, if the "four fives" are to be done via a fire truck bell, what if that truck is in the shops? Some alternatives to have ready, if needed, might be tapping out the four fives on a church bell. Another choice may be to play a downloaded recording of the four fives on a "boom box".

The same is true of the playing of taps. Having a downloaded version of taps available to play on a boom box is an alternative.

This is a good time to review the methods that have been chosen to get the message out. Is is clear who is going to be notified, when this is to happen, and who is to do the notifying?

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