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August 11th - One Month Before September 11th Remembrance Ceremony

The progress report from the co-ordinator / facilitator at this meeting (hopefully) is that all assignments have been made; permissions (if necessary) have been received; a bell has been secured; taps player(s) have been secured (and transportation arrangements made for them if necessary); and all other details checked out.

Review the "getting the message out" section to see if all notifications have been made and determine who might be meeting with department representative (such as public information officer) after the ceremony to discuss the ceremony and remind them of the historical significance of it.

The fact sheet that the department representative (public information officer) will distribute after the ceremony is developed here.

This is a good time to do a desk top walk through of the entire ceremony. Does everyone know exactly what they do and when they do it? This is also a good time to review the section on military protocol regarding flag raising and commands. It is strongly suggested that a script be written which includes times, actions, and persons performing actions.

Next, go to the ceremony location and actually go through the entire ceremony (with simulation of raising the flag to half-staff). The ceremony should be rehearsed until everyone is comfortable. Adjustments, if necessary, can be made and a final script written.

Review the contingencies section (see below) as it discusses downloading taps, the four fives and inclement weather.

This is also probably a good time to determine the meeting after the ceremony. This meeting will ctitique the ceremony - what went good (hopefully everything), what didn't, feedback from the community, and the plan for the first meeting for the next year.

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