Building Construction & Fire Spread

This video is Part 2 of the "Strategy of Firefighting" series. It is presented by Vincent Dunn, former division commander of FDNY's Midtown Command (3rd Division).

The series is based on Chief Dunn's books "Strategy of Firefighting" and "Command and Control of Fires and Emergencies".


  • Types of constuction: fire resistive, noncombustible, ordinary, heavy timber, wood frame
  • Hazards of fuel load on a building content and structure
  • How fire spreads in hvac systems, auto exposure from window to window,roof construction, concealed spaces, radiation heat and combustible exterior walls
  • How to use aerial and ground hose streams
  • Fire spread by conduction, convection and radiation
24 minutes, fully narrated, DB8914 / $29.95
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