FDNY: The Battle Continues, vol. 14

9 new and interesting incidents featuring FDNY.

Starting with a 4th alarm in a 1 story commercial structure and a 2 alarm fire in a large private dwelling. Low temperatures hamper operations in a 2 story commercial in the Bronx and a rubbish fire in an enclosed area under a major highway, closing the roadway.

Also a fire in a private dwelling that was packed with stuff, a 4th alarm in the Bronx, in wood frame dwellings and a 3rd alarm in Queens.

Heavy fire vents out of the attic in an All Hands in a private dwelling and heavy smoke and fire push from taxpayers in a Bronx 3rd alarm.

Hear all fire ground radio transmissions.

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SpecificationsFire Line Video Productions, 2006
76 minutes, narration

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