Smoke Your Firefighter Interview


Paul Lepore, Bob Atlas

The oral interview is the most important part of the hiring process and is often weighted as much as 100% of the candidate’s final grade. Earning a high score on the interview is essential to getting hired. Most people struggle with this part of the process.

In this course we will take the mystery out and provide you with strategies and tactics to be successful in the process. This course takes all the guesswork out of the firefighter oral interview process.

This course will cover the topics:

  • Before The Interview
  • Your Name Is Called
  • Preparing For Questions
  • Situational Questions
  • Rules of Thumb
  • Purpose Of The Interview
  • Oral Interview Details
  • How To Answer The Questions
  • Closing It Out


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SpecificationsFire Alumni, 2014
2 hours, fully narrated

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