Smoke Your Firefighter Interview 6th edition

Paul S. Lepore

Smoke Your Firefighter Interview was conceived out of a need to help entry-level candidates. After interviewing literally hundreds of candidates Captain Lepore was amazed at how unprepared most candidates were. He could see that they appeared to have the will and desire, but it was very apparent that the vast majority of candidates were ill-prepared for the oral interview.

Captain Lepore has compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions and has formulated what he believes to be the correct answers for each. In order to paint a clear picture of the question, Lepore has included digital re-enactments of many of the situational questions.

In addition to the questions and answers, Lepore has explained the rationale for why he answers the question the way he does. He includes many follow-up questions as well as explaining the pit falls for many of the questions.

If a candidate intends on memorizing the questions and answers he or she will not benefit from the nearly 350 pages of information. The true value in this book comes from the reasons why Lepore chooses to answer each question the way he does. If a candidate understands the rationale behind the question, he or she will master the particular dimension of situational question. Since there are only a handful of different variations of the common situational questions, the candidate who masters the concepts will score on the top of the list.

To give each candidate a better feel of what is expected of a rookie firefighter, Lepore has included his fire departmentís actual rookie evaluation. If a candidate understands the dimensions on which he or she will be evaluated it stands to reason that they will be able to sell the oral board that they are ready for the position. In addition, the reader will find information on what is expected of a rookie firefighter as well as numerous inspirational quotes.

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SpecificationsFreespool Publications, 2020
7" X 9" softcover
360 pages, B&W photos
ISBN: 9780972993470

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