Boston's Fire Trail


By Boston Fire Historical Society and Foreword by Stephanie Schorow

Even before the Great Fire of 1872, which destroyed almost eight hundred buildings in the heart of downtown, fire had already irrevocably altered the city of Boston's appearance, fortunes and psyche. In Boston's Fire Trail, members of the Boston Fire Historical Society trace the history of fire in the Hub and create an intriguing retrospective of this compelling facet of the city's past. Daring rescues, conflagrations, arson, accidents and human courage—all are here, along with historic details of the circumstances and locations of more than forty-five fires and sites significant to the history of Boston's fire department. Follow the fire trail with one of the most renowned fire-fighting forces in the nation.

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About the Authors: The Boston Fire Historical Society (BFHS) was founded as a Massachusetts non-profit corporation in 2006. Currently it consists of a nine-person Board of Directors whose purpose is the presentation and interpretation of the history of the Boston Fire Department. In addition, the BFHS has a Council of Advisors who support the board on an ongoing basis. Each board member and council member brings to the organization a unique piece of expertise that contributes to the overall mission of the BFHS. Members who contributed to this book are Paul A. Christian, Theodore Gerber, Michael W. Gerry, William T. Murray, Bill Noonan, Stephanie Schorow, and James Teed.
SpecificationsHistory Press, 2007
6" x9" softcover
128 pages, B&W photos
ISBN: 9781596293618

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