Surviving the Firehouse

Surviving the Firehouse

Mauro Porcelli

A Rookie's Guide to Surviving the Firehouse and Fire Department Life

Rookie mistakes can ruin anyone's career, especially a fireman's. Aspiring firefighters prepare for fire college coursework, train to improve fitness, graduate, but draw a blank at the next step. Where should they apply to work? Should they become a paramedic? How do they get along with other firefighters, especially those they don't like? What should they cook? What is expected of them? Unfortunately, no one takes the rookie aside to explain the previously unwritten guide on how to survive life in the firehouse.

This book provides the subtle, and not so subtle, strategies every firefighter needs to succeed in this challenging career. It advises the rookie just trying to survive, as well as the career veteran who may be considering promotion or other career options. Don't make a mistake you will regret. Read this book. It offers the best guidance and career advice available for firefighters by someone who has been there.

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SpecificationsMauro Porcelli, 2018
6" x 9" softcover
200 pages
ISBN: 9781543943603

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