Station Ready rookie

The Station-Ready Rookie


Collin S. Blasingame, Justin C. Dickstein, & John E. Gomez

While fire academies teach the fundamentals and technical skills of firefighting, “life as a rookie” is an area that is mostly overlooked. Three fire service veterans wrote The Station-Ready Rookie to help new firefighters know and understand what will be expected of them during their first assignment to a fire station and throughout their probationary period.

This book is designed to shorten the rookie’s learning curve and help the reader become an outstanding new firefighter from day one. It is perfect for aspiring firefighters, new recruits, fire departments, and training academies!

The second edition of The Station-Ready Rookie takes into account reader feedback and addresses current topics for today’s new and seasoned firefighters. It contains an entirely new fourth section as well as new chapters on:

  • choosing your city of employment
  • the expanding role of the fire department
  • hazing within the fire department
  • utilizing your chain of command
  • creating and seizing opportunities
  • the importance of being involved in your community


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SpecificationsFire Engineering, 2015
6" x 9" softcover
130 pages
ISBN 9781593703660

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