FDNY: The Battle Continues, vol. 25

Volume 25 contains 9 unsual incidents. The incidents on this DVD were picked to use as a training tool; to help make decisions while responding to the scene or upon arrival, Each response will require the first arriving officer or firefighter to decide what has to be done first, and what if any additional manpower or equipment will be needed.


  • Intersection accident. Truck into building with driver pinned and structural damage.
  • Truck crash with driver pinned.
  • Fuel & oil leak on a major interstate highway.
  • Tree down on car with occupants trapped. A telephone pole is down with power lines down.
  • Car into occupied store. Elderly driver causes structural damage.
  • Diesel train strikes debris on the track, puncturing belly tank and causing a fuel leak
  • Overturned, partially loaded, fuel tanker runs into parked vehicles. A leak from the main tank and a leak from the saddle tank on an inclined street. Also single digit temps.
  • Vehicle towed trailer runs into the support column of a house causing structural damage
  • Trench / wall collapse with a worker trapped
  • Tower crane collapse with operator trapped. The building collapse causes several structures to be damaged. A large area of damage is the result.

Included is fire ground radio transmissions.

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SpecificationsFire Line Video Productions, 2010
65 minutes, narration

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