Epic Fires of Fort Myers

Epic Fires of Fort Myers

Thomas P. Hall

Fire gave impetus to the formation of Lee County; fire cost Fort Myers its position as the epicenter of sport fishing and bragging rights as Tarpon Capital of the World; and between 1903 and 1907, fire threatened to reduce the entire business district to smoldering rubble, not once, but twice. Volume 1 of Epic Fires is a compelling chronology covering five fires, with stories of total loss and devastation, gritty courage, larger-than-life heroics and, above all, pioneer perseverance.

As fascinating as these vignettes are on their own merits, the real charm of Epic Fires is its ability to transport readers back in time to experience what life was like during the timeframe in which each fire occurred. The Chapter Notes accompanying each fire provide hundreds of new facts, figures and observations based upon in-depth research into the annals of Fort Myers’ historical records.

Each chapter also contains expert analysis of the fires and offers fire prevention and safety tips relevant to the present day. This instruction is informed by the extensive education, training and experience of the current and past chiefs of the Fort Myers Fire Department.

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SpecificationsOutskirts Press, 2018
6" x 9" softcover
140 pages
ISBN: 9781977202369

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